Heike Jurzik
Corporate Publishing and Content Marketing
for the IT industry.
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Technical Writer English & German


I write and publish articles in the appropriate specialist media (print and online) – in close cooperation with your developers & consultants.


Both on my own (self-publishing) and together with publishers, I plan and write technical books about Linux and related technical topics.

Corporate Blogs

I create original content for your company blog, working alongside your own people. If necessary, I can locate external authors, brief them and edit their articles.

Public Relations

I write your press releases, correct and edit press releases written by you or your team members, and I create press distribution lists to suit you.

Social Media

I advise you on your social media strategy, I manage your channels, take care of your profiles, and I publish the appropriate content there.


I plan and edit articles for print and online media – always comprehensible for the readers and tailored to the correct target group(s).

I translate between Developers and Users.

  • Heike Jurzik

    since 2018

    Corporate Publishing &
    Content Marketing

    Since 2018 I have concentrated on public relations and corporate publishing – in both German and English. My customers are mainly companies that develop and promote Open Source software, but I also work for other IT companies. I write blog articles and success stories under my own name, and as ghostwriter, as well as press releases and technical articles.

    Recent Projects

  • Debian book, Heike Jurzik

    since 2004

    Book Author

    I published my first book ("KNOPPIX zum Nachschlagen", no longer available) in 2004. My second book (also in German) was published in May 2006: "Debian GNU/Linux – Das Praxisbuch", 800 pages full of tips and tricks about the free Linux distribution. It covers topics such as installation, desktop environments and applications, as well as the administration of Debian servers. In total, there were 7 editions of the Debian book, corresponding to successive releases of the distribution, over a period of 11 years.

    Since 2022 I've started self-publishing my books. You can find my German and English books on Yuki likes Snow.

  • articles (online and offline), Heike Jurzik

    since 2000

    Journalist and Editor

    In February 2000 I published my first article in the German LinuxUser magazine, and between then and 2008 I wrote the monthly column "Zu Befehl" (about the Linux command-line) for them.
    I also published articles in Linux-Magazin (since May 2001), EasyLinux (2003 to 2018), IT-Administrator (since 2015), c't (since 2011), and Make (since 2018).

    I worked as editor for the German magazines Linux-Magazin and EasyLinux, so I looked after other authors and put the finishing touches to their articles.

  • University of Cologne, Heike Jurzik


    University and Computer Center

    I hold a degree in German and English literature as well as Information Processing (Magistra Artium) from the University of Cologne. I discovered Linux in 1996 while I was working at the university's Center for Applied Computer Science. Back then I also started writing user manuals and tutorials for other students and teachers.

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Discover My Work: Client Projects Overview

Feel free to have a look around: I've listed some customer projects from the last few years. Here you can find links to past and current client projects that illustrate the scope of my portfolio.

My Network

For many years, I have been working closely with colleagues from the Texttreff business network in Germany, and with Open Source IT in the UK.
Creative writing courses and professional author coaching are available at the Lübecker WortWerft.